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Luke is an Artist-Printmaker from London, now based in Bristol. Graduating from Camberwell with his MA in Printmaking in 2016, Luke has spent the last four years in London making work, exhibiting and teaching at various print studios around the country. He is currently a part of Bristol Print Collective and the intaglio specialist at Cato Press. 


The central theme running through Luke's work is a preoccupation with threat: the threat of collapse, both societal and structural, the threats posed by weapons, symbols and concepts. He collects, sorts and unpicks these signifiers, dissecting digital images of current global events through the toolset of a printmaker and a draughtsman. Using a variety of processes from intaglio to relief, he seeks to slow down and distill this fleeting media imagery to capture its salience and interrogative power. 


Part of the power of printmaking as a medium is its potential to reconfigure and reprocess a single image repeatedly to achieve different effects. As the world is in a state of constant upheaval it makes perfect sense to use this tangible lens by which things can be captured and recorded in physical layers, to be later built upon or stripped back as required.

Tavira OBS Residency Luke Wade

Artist in residence at the Oficina Bartolomeu dos Santos (OBS), Tavira, Portugal, 2016.

CONTACT ME       Tel: 07838206334

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